Halloween Themed Party

Having a Halloween Party?  A Halloween Themed Event?  Or even some Gothic Gorgeousness :)

We at Classique have some curiously odd and ever so scary ideas for Halloween Themed Events...

Things that can go bump in the night generally do with this lovely lot - lots of deviliciously scrumptious Halloween Party ideas...

Voldemort Levitating Statue

Levitating Statue / Living Statue / Harry Potter

Unique to Classique! This amazing Voldemort Levitating Statue is available for Harry Potter events - also perfect for Halloween!

Aerial Champagne

Aerial Artist / Aerial Champagne / Aerial Bartenders

Up to three beautiful aerialists hanging from the ceiling, pouring champagne - now that is bartending with a difference!


Arachnobot the giant spider puppet is a world first

An impressive walkabout act which roams the streets, festivals and spectacular events looking for prey, or anyone brave enough to say hello!.

Big Devils

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Valentine's Day / Venetian / Baroque Theme

Classic, Baroque, Venetian glamour and very slightly naughty...

Black Monster Living Statue

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Amazingly fits rather well with a Halloween or Heaven & Hell theme...

Black Swans - The London Stilt Ballet

Stiltwalkers, Ballet / Dance / Walkabout / LED Lights / Music Theme

Discover the grace, elegance and vertical elevation of the incredible London Stilt Ballet. Alternatively witness the ballerinas inflict classical master classes...

Children of The Damned

Walkabout / Halloween / Film / Festival / Exhibition Theme

Two or more of those strange blonde schoolchildren from 'Village of the Damned'..

Count Calvero

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Our Dracula mime artist gets his teeth into some halloween fun..

Death Living Statue

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Amazingly fits rather well with a Halloween or Heaven & Hell theme...

Devils on stilts

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Don't be fooled by their appearance, damnation is the last thing on their minds - the most enthusiastic and engaging underworld denizens you could hope to...


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Dracula as a 'living' statue.. (boo)

Dracula (on stilts)

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Not just tall but really really tall..

Fallen Angels

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Valentine's Day Theme

The Fallen Angels. They can either be heavenly creatures or utterly outrageous. We'll leave that up to you..

Fire Wing Stilts

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Great for Fire and Ice theme or Halloween..

Flame stilts

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Great for Halloween or Fire and Ice themes..

Flexible Devil

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He's got such a twisted sense of humour! Contortionist extraordinaire..

Flying Fox Bats

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Dracula / Fairytale / Animals / Wildlife Theme

Two breathtaking Flying Fox Bats on stilts lead their Bat Keeper through the streets, squealing and flapping their huge wings, as they flit between the audience...

Frankinsteine (on stilts)

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Not enough that he should be pretty gruesome - he is now tall and gruesome..

Gargoyle Plinth Living Statue

Living Statue / Victorian Theme / Halloween / Medieval / Harry Potter

A kinda cute gargoyle perfect for Medieval or Halloween themed events..

Gargoyle Stone Living Statues

Living Statue / Victorian Theme / Halloween / Medieval / Harry Potter

Perfect for Medieval or Halloween themed events..

Ghost Rider

Stiltwalker, Halloween / Wild West / Cowboy Theme

The day of reckoning is upon us. Formally an apocalyptic horseman, now J.W. Pestilence roams the vast wastelands of your event...

Ghostly Spirits

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The Ghostly Spirits are not of this world...The Spirits move noiselessly among your guests....bringing a shiver ...and then ....melt once more into the mists......

Grey People

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Strange, sad, monochrome people creating a wistful tableaux..


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This grim reaper character perfect for Halloween, and even Christmas, in the style of death from "The Hog father".