Aerial Champagne

Aerial Champagne
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Aerial Bartenders: This is an Aerial Act with a difference!

Aerial Bartenders or are a unique and stunning entertainment concept for any event!

Whether you are looking for a big spectacular opening or bring a magical sparkle to a very intimate celebration - this is sophisticated and just a little splash of sexy!

This act consists of 20 / 30 minute performances in which the artists are hanging (upside down!) from the ceiling on a stunning trapeze and if available a beautifully designed chandelier.

While on the trapeze she dances her spectacular choreography while pouring flutes of champagne to the crowd below (or directly into your guests mouths!)

Performers can accommodate any beverage from champagne to freshly made cocktails or even chocolate or caviar..

The themes include:

Classic Elegance, Moulin Rouge / French / Parisienne, 1920s Flapper Chicago, Nature Flowery Fairy Angel Heaven, Ice Cirque, Fire Hell, Showgirl Vegas, Traditional Circus, Aquatic Colours Cocktails, Candy Girls, Halloween Dark, Christmas Elves Santa Girls.


Option A: 2 Pourers at the same time - 3 girls on rotation - total 1hr.
Option B: 1 Pourer - total 1hr
Option C: 1 Pourer - total 30 min

Tech Spec.

Option A: Requires 2 rigging points with a safe working load of 350kg
Option B: Requires 1 rigging point with a safe working load of 350kg
Option C: Requires 1 rigging point with a safe working load of 350kg

A rigger may be required to rig venues which are difficult to rig (eg some marquees)or if there is no access to the rigging point. This can be supplied at an extra cost.

Height required is a minimum of 5m from rigging point to floor.

Unfortunately we are unable to request autographs or personal Meet & Greets (unless part of a Classique event and pre-arranged) and we suggest contacting the artist's own websites or fan sites. Apologies, we are also not able to ask for Video calls / personal birthday requests / free / gratis / charity / reduced fee performances from any of the artists – again please contact your chosen artist through their own websites.
We are however very happy to pass on your thanks to any artist that has appeared at your event arranged and organised by Classique.

The majority of prices will be plus vat at the current UK rate of 20%.