Acrobatic Ice Elves

Acrobatic Ice Elves
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A pair of frosted Ice Elves, silvery like glaciers, with pointed hats and snowflaked cheeks, perform an Arctic Acrobatic Balance act with breathtaking contortions and extraordinary counter-balances.

Book the Ice Elves along with the Snow Queen...

 A stunning snow white Snow Queen on Stilts blasts about the streets blowing the North Wind into peoples faces and sprinkling them with snow, whilst her frisky Ice Elf is Globe Walking alongside on a huge white snow ball, leaping on and off to frolic amongst the crowd.

The Snow Queen propels her icy vessel ( tricycle platform ) through the blizzards she scatters around, as her two Ice Elves perform a breathtaking Acrobatic Balance routine on the front of her chariot.

Please note that this act does not perform at nightclubs.

Unfortunately we are unable to request autographs or personal requests and we suggest contacting the artist's own websites or fan sites. Apologies, we are also not able to ask for free / gratis / charity / reduced fee performances from any of the artists – again please contact your chosen artist through their own websites.

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