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Born in Argentina, Alfredo Fiorito lived in his native town of Rosario until the age of 23.

Whilst working at a bar in Ibiza he was approached to DJ at Amnesia. At that time, the club was renowned as the most underground venue in Ibiza, since then, of course, it has gone on, due in part to Alfredo, to become one of the most famous night clubs in the world.

By 1987, both Alfredo's summer and winter diaries were full, summers spent on the island behind the decks at Amnesia, winters spent DJing in mainland Spain and the rest of Europe, building his name up to an international standard throughout the world, whilst simultaneously improving his sound purely by traveling further afield and having to a wider range of music and artists

It wasn't long before the English got wind of what was going on in the small Mediterranean island, and soon started arriving one by one to see and hear for themselves what all the fuss was about. It was 1988 and already the Ibiza sound was undergoing changes.. the first strains of Chicago and Detroit House were filtering through to be combined with the newest German techno from the likes of Kraftwerk and Nitzer Ebbe.

The crowd had converted into a multitude and was hailed as a phenomenon amongst music lovers and club goers around the world. 

It was at this point that yet another key moment was to take place, when a group of then unknown English boys and amateur DJs landed in Ibiza and headed for Amnesia. Their names? Danny Rampling, Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway. So overwhelmed at what they saw and heard on the dance floor at Amnesia, they declared themselves total converts to the cause, and decided to give it a name and take it back to England.  And so the legend that is the BALEARIC BEAT was born.

In 1988, Alfredo was made Artistic Director of the club he had helped on its way to worldwide fame, a role which he relished for two more years before he decided that it was time for a change.

The next stop called, and it was time for Alfredo to pack his record bags and take up a post as Resident DJ at Pacha Ibiza.

As undisputed godfather of the Balearic scene, Alfredo has put together plenty of definitive compilations such as the legendary and immediately sold out Space Ibiza Dance in 1996&mdashthe first the club ever released&mdashThe Original Sound Of Ibiza on Ministry of Sound, We Love Space compilation with Paul Woolford and The Sound of The Underground – Ibiza. Stuffed with tracks that have become utter classics thanks to Alfredo, they are historical documents which chart the musical evolution of the White Isle and dance music at large.

Multi-award winning and still in demand to play anything from beach front restaurants to world renowned super clubs, Alfredo is the man who can make jazz, new age or rock & roll all make sense in the club. He can make you sweat it out in a darkened club or make you shiver in the sun. He’s an icon of dance culture, a father of Balearic beat, and an ever-unpredictable DJ who never fails to impress.

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