Bloco Fogo Samba Group

Bloco Fogo Samba Group
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Bloco Fogo plays Brazilian, Cuban and African rhythms at a wide variety of events across the United Kingdom.

Their drummers combine their amazing energy and visual impact to create a riot of colour, movement and infectious rhythms. 

They play for events of any size - from a minimum of 6 players up to a massive 75 drummers for special events. This makes them one of the largest and most versatile blocos (drumming groups) in the UK.

Their musical directors also lead samba drumming workshops for schools and businesses across the south and help them to set up their own drumming groups.

Since forming in Tunbridge Wells in 2001, the band has grown and developed both musically and in size.

What They Play

Their roots are as a samba band playing traditional instruments and rhythms from the different regions of Brazil, although they have diversified our sound to include other influences,from Africa,Cuba & modern dance grooves.

The smallest of the instruments at 6 inches in diameter, the tams are played with plastic sticks to give a sharp staccato sound. The Tamborim are responsible for long syncopated phrases during some of our songs that punctuate the bands rhythms with electric energy.

About 12 inches deep and in diameter, the 'rep' is tuned very high to give a crisp sound that raises the energy of the bloco. Depending on the tune, it's played with two flexible sticks or with one wooden stick and a hand

The surdo are the large bass drums that provide the melodious heartbeat of the driving rhythms. They have great movements and drum lifting that is a great spectacle of our performance.The three pitches of surdo create 'top', 'middle' and 'bottom' notes to make groovy driving bass lines.

Caixa (Snare)
The snares, along with the surdos, provide the backbone of our grooves filling out the rhythms with funky beats.

The agogô is normally a double bell with a high and a low pitched bell, played with a wooden stick. Our section also play 4 Tone Brazilian agogôs.

Chocalho (Shaker)
A framework of small metal cymbals that is shaken to provide a hi-hat feel, filling out the rhythm and driving it along.

Bloco Fogo is available for your company event.

Bloco Fogo provides corporate entertainment with anything from three to 20 performers. They can perform in their colourful carnival costumes, or in clients' own branded costume if preferred.

Their team building drumming workshops are great for corporate core training days or company celebration events. They can work with group sizes from 10 - 150 people at any one time.

In the past they have performed at corporate balls, company celebration parties, and brand launch events.

In 2011 they branched out into large scale sporting events, and have performed for the MK Dons in Milton Keynes three times already that year. 

They performed at the Heineken Cup Rugby semi-final providing the half-time and after match entertainment for Event360

Continuing with the sporting theme, in 2012 they performed for the England International T20 Cricket match against Sri Lanka on 25th June going out on Sky Sports.

Whatever your needs for a corporate event, Bloco Fogo will create a lasting impression on your guests with our moves and grooves.

They bring the spirit of Brazilian Carnival to your event in a riot of colour, movement and music. 

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