Circus Cyclists

Circus Cyclists
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Comedy Cycling Entertainment suitable for Trade shows, Cycle Festivals, Green Events, Bike Races, Sportives, Brand / Product Promotions, and any event cycling related or otherwise.

There are different types of cycles used in the performances of our Circus Cycles, Stilt Bicycle, Penny Farthing, Vintage , Impossible Bike (A classic challenge – the handlebars go one way and the front wheel goes the other. Entertaining to watch, bewildering to try!) and various Unicycles. On most cycle events, all different bicycles are used, often with a different costume on each one!

A cycling entertainer can be adapted to almost any event whether the event itself has any cycling roots or not. The stilt bicycle, Impossible bike and the penny farthing are all great additions to an event where a large area needs to be covered by an entertainer, for instance a city centre, large fete or any type of festival. On the other hand, an eccentric cycling entertainer would be a great addition to an event which is actively promoting cycling and/or green issues.


A very rare act – a bicycle that is ridden whilst wearing stilts, allowing the rider to tower above crowds. The perfect act where a large area needs to be covered by a walkabout performer. I can stop, juggle and interact or just keep moving!


This penny farthing is a modern 2/3 scale replica, suitable for riding safely in crowds on any surface. Whether dressed as a Victorian policeman or Victorian gentleman in tailcoat or tweeds, the crowds are always entertained and intrigued. Comedy interaction adds to the impact.


A full size vintage penny farthing is always an attraction and a talking point. Although this one can be ridden it is primarily a prop alongside any of our historical characters


A unicycle brings a popular addition to circus or cycling themed events. The separate front wheel unicycle act makes it even more entertaining.


Based on a 1950’s Raleigh Superbe and an adapted trailer, this is a full street show with a traditional plate spinning finale that can move around any event. Shows can run from 5 to 30 minutes with the bike as the backdrop.


A classic challenge – the handlebars go one way and the front wheel goes the other. Entertaining to watch, bewildering to try!

Classique has been working with International Artistes from around the world for over 20 years, whether they are ‘A’ list celebrities, Chart Toppers, performers from TV talent shows or Celebrity DJs. Along with our in-house production team, we pull together all the details – dealing with flights, transfers, accommodation and riders for all the major artists and their teams.

As the UK’s No 1 booker of celebrity artists we deal with everything for you and work constantly with management companies throughout the world, where we have built up great relationships and have the latest information about who is available and who would work best for your event.

## Covid update - we are working with a large number of artists and managements throughout the world to be able to bring some incredible performances to your virtual event. Don't miss out on the music and laughter, we can help!! :D

Please contact us for any ideas for your event and we will work with you, always understanding time constraints and budgets.

Unfortunately we are unable to request autographs or personal Meet & Greets (unless part of a Classique event and pre-arranged) and we suggest contacting the artist's own websites or fan sites. Apologies, we are also not able to ask for Video calls / personal birthday requests / free / gratis / charity / reduced fee performances from any of the artists – again please contact your chosen artist through their own websites.
We are however very happy to pass on your thanks to any artist that has appeared at your event arranged and organised by Classique.

The majority of prices will be plus vat at the current UK rate of 20%.