Couple No #69

Couple No #69

Price Range


£500 £100,000

Ostracized by the world of competition ballroom due to an over enthusiastic technique, ex-champions Barry and Yvonne have become "Outlaws of the Dance Floors".

Loved by people of all ages and nationalities, couple number #69 come equipped with a portable mirror ball and exquisite costumes.

With a Rumba, a Samba and a Paso doble like you have never seen before, Barry and Yvonne will dance anywhere, anytime and with anybody!

Dance, Acrobatics, Humour and Improvisation and plenty of Interaction!

A show built on the richness and versatility of physical comedy, thus guaranteed to appeal to the humour of adults and children alike.

'Barry and Yvonne' have been performing for ten years and have designed their work to adapt to the unpredictable nature of the street, they also perform in cabarets, corporate events, weddings, parties, fetes or any other venue where they can find an audience

*4-40 min static show (can provide own PA) or a 45 minute walkabout

"Neurotic suburban glitter queens"

"Sequined to the hilt and ready to rumba these smooth groovers will seduce your senses with a comical array of classic routines"

"In an often glamour less world, we all need a little sparkle. Our Lycra clad lovelies will show you
a quick step in the right direction"


Red and Randy the Line Dancers

With an unrivaled and uncompromising passion for their art and intoxicated with the exuberance of their own verbosity Red and Randy will persuade even you to join them in the "Three Thumbs Thrust" or the "Red Neck Shuffle". This wonderful couple will again assault your street with their inimitable and versatile blend of dance improvisation and direct audience contact.


Carmen "Meander" and her Maracas player

With Brazilian rhythms eminating provocatively
from somewhere inside Carmen's head-dress, and Miguel's constant chatter, its hard not to feel loved by
these two exotic types
, especially when Miguel seranades you personally with his trumpet.

Another highly visual walkabout based on dance, music and improvisation. Strikingly colourful costumes and absurd characterisation  guaranteed  to attract  attention from even the mostfruit phobic of individuals.

"Their work is particularly accessible to
multi-cultural audiences"

Camden Council

"There's nothing quite like them!"
Bath Festival

"Visually dramatic, spontaneously comic"
95 Live.

"We highly reccomend them for any event"
Traquair Fair.

"The couple drew huge crowds as an alternative to everything else alternative" Glastonbury Arts Festival

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