Craig the Incredible Hula Boy

Craig the Incredible Hula Boy
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Craig Reid - 'The Incredible Hula-Boy' is a trained circus, cabaret and hula-hoop performer.

Combining his background of acrobatics with his high skill level of hula-hoop, Craig performs a slick, high energy and unforgettable hula-hoop act.

Craig performs world class hula-hoop variety acts that have been seen all over the world on stages large and small and requires very little set up or technical complications.

He has a background of gymnastics, dance and choreography and presents two of his solo high skilled acts including his signature 'Elvis' act which is the perfect cabaret act and great for Vegas Themed Events.

Elvis ‘King of the Rings’

This comedy tribute act to the king is a high speed act that will leave you in amazement! As seen on the CBBC ‘The Slammer’ he is dressed in the world famous white jumpsuit performing to the classic songs which promises to leave you ‘all shook up’!

Also available is his original, comic and unforgettable Wizard of Oz tribute 'Over the Rainbow'.

Wizard of Oz ‘Over the Rainbow’

Performed in dazzling ruby slippers, this act was crowned ‘Miss Sparkwood’ at the prestigious Double R Clubs Miss Twin Peaks competition in 2012. 

You are taken on a journey over the rainbow and along the Yellow brick road with both classic and special ‘Rainbow’ LED hoops telling the story of Dorothy in a very very unique way…

The Yodeller

During Craig’s time performing in the German variéte theatres at beer festivals season (Munich and Stuttgart) he got inspired, took his Lederhosen home, and created this outrageous and unforgettable character from Germany performing hula-hooping at its fastest!

Circus Strong Man

Performed to fast pace polka music, ‘Circus Strong Man’ is a comedy act as seen on CBBC Dick and Dom’s ‘Hoop La’ with old vintage circus style!

Sailor Boy

This Bespoke Sailor act was especially created for the incredible show ‘A Marvellous Adventure’ by the brilliant Sublime Boudoir and performed also on the TV show ‘Mish Mash’.


Craig performs with world class LED Hula-hoop equipment.

Each hoop holds hundreds of custom modes in each hoop at one time and can be plugged directly into his computer to create dazzling colours and patterns for your show.

These hoops can be used as an extra surprise in any of his acts when a semi black out can be achieved or as a full Glow act like his ‘Great Gatsby act’.


Craig doesn’t just have silver and gold human hula slinkys but he has also the world’s first full LED human hula slinky!!  The ULTIMATE hula-hoop finale!  

All the hoops in the slinky can customized to different colours to fit theme and styling of the act.

His hula-hoop acts are combined with acrobatics and are about 7minutes long and are suitable for all ages.

He also create acts to suit the clients themes and ideas including costume and music, which he warmly welcomes.

All his shows are available as hula-hoop walkabout.

Craig can perform skilled multi-hula-hoop acts to a number of different themes.

Previous themes have included-

-Wizard of Oz
-1920s beach bather
-80s fitness

Hula-Hoop Workshops

Craig also provides workshops where he will supply all the hoops needed and get everyone hooping in no time! This can be provided with or without an act.

He has performed in cabarets, festivals, circus, private and corporate events.

He has also been seen performing with the hula-hooping trio 'Hoop La La' as seen by millions on 'Britain's Got Talent 2008'.

Here is a small selection of where he has performed

-    Hurly burly show at the Soho Revue bar
-    Wambam club
-    National theatre, Watch this space, Hub night
-    Special guest at The underground Rebel Bingo club
-    Warped Cabaret
-    End of the world show
-    Chilli Booms cabaret, Brick house, brick Lane
-    Phillip Gandey's TV Circus
-    Big Chill festival
-    Bristol harbour festival
-    Greenwich dance agency cabaret
-    Butlins
-    Somerset house free time event
-    Events with Hackney council for the Olympics
-    Private and Corporate events including British gas, Cannon and many more.


'It was an amazing performance. I loved every second of it.' Jon Relf, Review from the show 'Kettle of Fish', Crawley Juggling Convention 

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