Chinese / East / Oriental Theme

From the Dance of the Dragon to superb acrobats and musicians - ideal for Chinese New Year and many other oriental styled themed events..

Birds of Paradise Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, Birds / Tropical / Carnival Theme

The wonderful and exotic 'Birds of Paradise' stilt walkers are a fabulous addition to tropical or carnival events or any event that needs some colour.

China Red & China Blue

Walkabout, Living Statue / Chinese / Oriental / Carnival Theme

Superb living statues that can also be used as walkabout characters, perfect for oriental themed occasions and events

Chinese Acrobat and Dance

Walkabout, Dance / Acrobatics / Chinese New Year / Oriental / Travel Theme

Our Chinese performers combine Chinese Circus traditions, acrobatics and contemporary performing styles and dances to provide an exhilerating performance that i...

Chinese Girls Living Tables

Chinese / Walkabout / Meet and Greet / UK

Mysterious and timeless beauties. Ideal for bringing to your event a touch of Chinese culture.

Chinese Rose Band

Chinese / Traditional / Far East Theme / UK

Experienced and high profile group of superb Chinese musicians performing on traditional instruments available for private parties, festival shows, events etc.

Chinese Stilt Characters

Stiltwalkers, Chinese New Year / Oriental / Madame Butterfly Theme

If its a touch from the Orient you are looking to have at your event, the Chinese girls will be a wonderful statement..

Dragon Lady

Stiltwalker, Chinese New Year / Fairytale / St George's Day / Welsh Theme

Strangely sophisticated, with a profoundly yester year charm, the Dragon Lady comes from a world of myths and magic..

Faty Chinese God CHOI SUN

Chinese / Meet and Greet / Walkabout / UK

These characters deliver the laughs when the skinny guys give up..

Geisha Flags

S E Asia Theme / Meet and Greet / LED / Walkabout

This powerful act works indoors or out, making it an incredibly versatile high impact choice

Geisha Girl on Stilts (1)

Stiltwalker, Japanese / Oriental / Kabuki Theme

Stunning Geisha on stilts, with inspired costumes in vibrant colours.

Geisha Girls on Stilts (2)

Stiltwalkers, Restaurant Opening / Madame Butterfly / Japenese Theme

These beautiful Geisha stilt walkers will serve drinks, meet and greet, mix and mingle, pose for photographs and are an asset to any night.

Geisha Living Table

Japanese Theme / Meet and Greet / Walkabout / UK

This Geisha table can either be static or strolling, often used as a meet and greet champagne reception for drinks on arrival.

Manao - Drums of China

International / Percussion / Drummers

Let us carry you away with this breathtaking, dynamic and fascinating sound of China.

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

Japanese Drummers / Japan Theme / Olympic 2020 / UK

Japanese drumming full of exhilarating rhythms, energetic movement, fiery spirit, and charismatic performance

Noriko & Akiko

Stilt-walkers / Japanese / Oriental / Geisha / Far East Theme

Two exquisite Japanese women in traditional silk kimonos (but on stilts)..

The Real Samurai

Stiltwalkers, Eastern / Oriental / Chinese / Japanese / Fighting Theme

Exciting new stilt character in real armour and real (but safe!) props..

The Stalkers

Stiltwalkers, Butoh / Yoga / Oriental / Eastern / B&W / Animal Theme

Silent, seemingly serious characters, whose slow, sensuous, staccato movement is inspired by yoga and Butoh..