The Decades

Find music and ideas from your favourite era or decade - nostalgia from the 20s with Gatsby, the hairstyles of the 80s or 'hands in the air' of the 90s...

1920s / The Great Gatsby / Prohibition / Roaring Twenties

From New Orleans to Gershwin and The Great Gatsby - relive the era of the flapper!We are delighted to be able to provide some fabulous Great Gatsby Entertainmen...

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Authentic 1930s and cheerful rhythms!

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1940s themed parties with amazing bands, jitterbug dancers and The Manhattan...

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Rock 'n Roll and Elvis hit the scene...

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The Beatles, The Stones - those groovy tunes...

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From Flares and Disco to Glamour and Saturday Night Fever!

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Dance music emerged and so did the fabulous new wave.Synthesises, digital recording and synth pop emerged with bands that looked different, exciting, those hair...

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Some of the most fantastic, iconic, 'hands the in air' genuine pop, soul, techno, Eurodance, Hip hop, old Skool & disco 90s artists for your party...Wa...

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Jam Hot

Showband / Party Band / UK / International

This awe-inspiring 8-21 piece band are wowing audiences around the world with their unique and spectacular live show.