Acrobalance / Adagio / Acrobats / Handbalancing

Captivating, amazing, breathtaking performances..

Acro Booty

Acrobatic / Acrobalance / Themed / Circus / UK

Acro Booty combines high energy and fun with unbelievable dexterity and skill to entertain audiences of all ages.

Acro Chaps

Acrobatic / Themed / Victorian / Walkabout / 1920's

Absolutely spiffing (and moustached!) acrobats who offer a wide selection of very interactive and entertaining walkabout acrobatic acts.

Acrobatic Ice Statues

Christmas / Statue / Walkabout

These stunning performers are fantastic for performing their slow moving statue act at winter, Christmas or ice themed events.

Adagio Statues

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Two marble statuesque figures set on a classical white podium - very slowly they come to life...

Black Eagles

African Theme / Dance / UK

A troupe of stunning acrobats from Tanzania, now resident in the UK. Set to lively African music with Limbo and fire dances


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Two bodies moving as one, countering each other's weight to create simple and complex forms and yet seamlessly flowing in unison..

Chinese Acrobat and Dance

Walkabout, Dance / Acrobatics / Chinese New Year / Oriental / Travel Theme

Our Chinese performers combine Chinese Circus traditions, acrobatics and contemporary performing styles and dances to provide an exhilerating performance that i...

Claire Ashmore

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Stunning aerial artist and acrobat, perfect for many events and themes either solo or duo


Christmas Winter Theme / Acrobatic / Meet and Greet

Set on an ornate revolving plinth, this winged character slowly comes to life and performs incredible handstand balances in this spell-binding illusion..

Elements Productions

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A group of performers who with dance, mime, acrobatics, aerial and trapeze create ethereal and wonderful shows


Silhouette Show / Gymnastic / Acrobatic

Mesmerizing silhouette show performed by a team of ex-gymnasts and sports acrobats creating incredible balances, lifts, somersaults and dance.

Halloween Handbalancer

Handbalancer / Halloween / Clown / UK

Stunning and professional female circus artist who can provide acrobatic walkabout and a handbalancing act

Joli Vyann

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Based in Germany Joli Vyann is a stunning Hand to Hand duo act


Christmas & Winter Theme / Acrobats

Wheel acrobats duet danced in gently falling snow...

Marin Britten

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Spectacular aerial and acrobatic entertainment for all types of events

Polonsky Duo

Circus, Handbalancing Duo

Based in the Ukraine - the amazing Handbalancing skills of the twin brothers Ievgenii and Vladyslav Polonsky ...


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Centred on a self-lit revolving podium. Two sculptured figures, through delicate acrobatic balances evolve into different forms, moving harmoniously with the...

Sally Miller

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Acrobat, contortionist, aerial artist, handstand balancer..

Sea Queen Productions

Circus / Acrobat / Themed Events

A stunning show which includes an amazing Sea Queen, aerialists, acrobats and even a Fishy Band!

Snow Globe

Snow Globe / Christmas Entertainment / Winter Wonderland / Corporate

As if in a dream these acrobats perform a mesmerising routine completely encased in a giant inflatable snow globe.


Winners Britain's Got Talent 2010 / Acrobatics / Cabaret / Circus

Thirteen amazing and daredevil acrobats, aged from 12 to 24 - winners of Britain's Got Talent 2010

Stone Statues

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Amazing Stone Statues on a 1m plinth - with a difference - they move!

Street Runners

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Break Dancers, Free Runners, Street Dancer artists who balance on anything - using everything handy as props!

Suspended Animation

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An acrobatic aerial, floor and gymnastic spectacular. This guaranteed show stopper can be choreographed and themed to suit any client's needs and any event...