Fire Acts & Light Shows

Amazing Fire Eating, Fire Juggling, Glo Acts and more..

'20's Fire Duo' - Duo Fire Act

1920's / Fire / Themed / Acrobatics / Gatsby

A chic and daring 1920's fire show with acrobatics, audacious fire stunts, gangster pizazz and a blast of mojo!


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One of the very few top female jugglers in England - fabulous for Glo Juggling, Hula Hoop, Fire Show and Comedy

Dream Queens

Stiltwalkers, Fire & Light Option / Aliens / Sci-Fi / Precious Metals / Jewellery Theme

Highly interactive alien characters on four stilts, with the option of a choreographed fire and light routine for evening events.

Flame Fatale

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A stunning Kali takes the stage with her multiple fiery hands and transforms into female flaming warriors.


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Ultra-visual, high-energy glow show. Breathtaking modern circus meets state of the art light emitting technology.

Jazz Fire

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Jazz is a fully insured performer that is guaranteed to light your fire!


Stiltwalker, Juggling / Fire Eating / Balloon Modelling / Unicycling / Circus Theme

Fire eater, stilt walker, circus workshop, unicyclist and juggler!

Lumi-Glow Light Show

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A high impact glow show. A 6 minute performance to an upbeat and exciting soundtrack!

Mikey - Fire performer

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Mikey’s spectacular fire performances include the many aspects of fire: such as fire breathing, fire eating, fire spinning, fire poi, fire snakes, fire sta...

Ring Master and Dolly

Stiltwalkers, Fire Eating / Bubbles / Circus Theme

These colourful characters can perform with dolly on strings, can both be on stilts, or both options. Fire performance and bubbles bring a smile to all!

Rob - Pyrotechnic Spectacular

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This pyrotechnical spectacular is dangerous, exciting and impressively choreographed.


Fire Artist, Circus, Fire Show

Fire Show Extravaganza, Choreographed Routines and Freestyle Spinning - Scorchia's hot routines are exciting and amazing..

Steen & Toni

Stiltwalkers, Angle Grinding / Halloween / French / Carnival / Vegas Theme

Amazing stiltwalkers, either solo or as duo, with fabulous costumes

Steve Kaos

Stiltwalker, Juggler / Unicycle / Circus / Kid's Parties Theme

Superb all round performer specialising as a juggler, diabolist and stiltwalker. Also brilliant at teaching circus skills - all with witty banter. Our Favourite...


Stilt Walkers / Angle Grinding / Fire Breathing / Vegas / Carnival Theme

A very stunning young lady and excellent at Stilt Walking, Angle Grinding, Human Statue, Fire breathing and more!