Belly Dancers

An exotic and eastern dance great for themed parties

Carmen Jones

Belly Dance / Exotic / Themed / UK

A beautiful belly dancer who is experienced in all forms of this ancient Arabic art


Belly Dance / Walkabout / Meet and Greet / UK

A graceful and expressive belly dancer also available with her beautiful Royal Python "Isis" to "meet and greet" your guests

Maria Louisa

Belly Dance / Exotic / Themed / UK

World renowned Belly Dancer, very experienced, great fun and encourages audience participation!


Belly Dance / Exotic / Themed / UK

Fabulous belly dancer available either solo or with a group of talented and highly professional belly dancers who fuse traditional with hip hop and dance

Mia Serra

Belly Dance / Exotic / Themed / UK

An outstanding Belly Dancer who can perform solo or with other stunning hand picked dancers for their ability to stand out from the crowd