Mind Readers

Be prepared to be astounded - how could they possibly have known that??

Alex Crow

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Alex will dazzle and amaze with his mystfying mindreading and incredible magic. Alex is the psychic entertainer who brings something different to any event..

Ben Hart

Magician / Stage Magician / Close Up Magician

Ben Hart is a magician and magic designer. His performances are original, daring and always startling..

Chris James

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Hypnotist, Mind Reader, Pickpocket & more!


Celebrity Mind reading act / Mind reading duo / BGT / UK

Mindreading double-act DNA took the nation by storm when they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent (2017) with their incredible telepathic ability known as "The Gif...

David Bolton

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An amazing hypnotist and mind reader David will keep you spellbound throughout

Derren Brown

Celebrity Magician, TV Magician / Mindreader / Illusionist / UK

A combination of psychological illusion, perceptual manipulation and persuasive technique...

Doug Segal

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Doug is at the forefront of the exciting new breed of British Mind Readers in the UK

Duncan William

Mind-Reader / Magician / iPad Magician / Tech

Duncan William is one of the world’s leading close up digital / iPad magicians, guaranteed to leave your guests truly amazed with his digital magic.


Celebrity Magician, TV Magician

Stunning, amazing, off the scale with astounding magic - the most exciting British magician to emerge in decades...

Graham Jolley

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adapts perfectly to any environment. A psychological entertainer, Graham is able to perform any number of astonishing feats, baffling and thrilling his audie...


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Imagine for a moment, being told things about your past that no-one could possibly know - having your actions predicted before you have made them..

Marc Paul

After Dinner Speaker / Corporate Host / Team Building

Mind-reader, psychological entertainer and corporate conference speaker - amazing..

Marc Spelman

Magician, Close up Magician / Mindreading / Stage Magician

Alternative magician, mind reader & paranormalist Marc Spelmann has been captivating audiences all over the world since the early 1990'’s with his astonis...

Mark Cairns

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Blending magic and mind reading with a congenial sense of humour for good measure - not a cabaret but a meet and greet, mix and mingle mind reader..


Mind Reader / Magician / Hypnotist / Tarot and Palm Reader.

How often do you wonder what someone else is thinking? We take it for granted that the content of our mind is secret, private and unknowable; or at least that’s...

Nicholas Einhorn

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Nicholas Einhorn is one of the busiest performers of magic, mind reading and cabaret magic in the UK

Paul Zenon

Awards Host / TV Presenter / Cabaret Magician

Paul Zenon is one of Britain's leading magician - and funny with it. His contemporary style together with sharp wit and comedy, make him one of the most s...

Robert Fox

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A master of his art - breaking the boundaries of magic and psychological entertainment

Sean Carpenter

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Former British Close-Up Magician of the year and one of our busiest magicians, always sure to entertain!

Spencer Wood

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The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the year 2007. An outstanding close up magician, mindreader and cabaret artist who can amaze at any event

The Cyber Magician

Magician, Mind Reading / Digital / iPad Magic

Duncan William amazing digital/iPad magician and mind-reader.