Amazing silhouette portraits cut in a matter of seconds!

Artistic Proposal

Unique / Shadow Performance / Italy

This duo from Italy will astound your guests with their amazing hand shadow show, creating an engaging performance using just their hands and a projector!

Charles Burns

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Charles Burns is a wandering artist whose unique skill with the scissors will break the ice at any event.


Silhouette Show / Gymnastic / Acrobatic

Mesmerizing silhouette show performed by a team of ex-gymnasts and sports acrobats creating incredible balances, lifts, somersaults and dance.

Mike Herbert

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There is a sense of magical wonder in cutting an accurate profile likeness from paper, and one glance at the way Mike Herbert uses his scissors will tell how he...

Sara Goddard

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Sarah is one of the leading silhouette artists in the UK and has been performing this specialized art at numerous events across the country and internationally...