Air Events

Ideas for Air Shows, Open Days and Flying Schools

Bruce Airhead

Walkabout, Balloon / Music / Circus / Corporate Events Theme

Bruce Airhead... The metamorphosis of a man and a six-foot balloon...

Divine Airways Flags

Walkabout, Planes, Trains & Automobiles / Air Hostesses / Travel / Exhibitions Theme

Fasten your seatbelts! Divine Airways takes you to seventh heaven with fabulous semaphore from their heavenly hostesses


Eurovision / Celebrity Pop Group

'Flying The Flag' for the UK in the Eurovision and still as popular as ever..

Sky Muffins

Comedy Street Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet / Air Theme

The Sky Muffins take you to a place where exclusivity is made ever more personal. Get ready for take-off and rediscover the romance of flying once again

The Air Ace

Comedy Street Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet / Air Theme

A gung ho, handle bar moustache Jonnie in a horribly realistic miniature Spitfire aircraft..


Stiltwalkers, Carnival / Art Gallery / Dance / Theatre Theme

These graceful winged spirits will visually enhance any event creating awe, splendour and a united tranquillity