Alice In Wonderland Themed Party And Events

Tim Burton's new film of Alice has created fabulous productions and new and exciting ideas for parties and events - tea anyone?

Alice and Her Curious Friends

Alice in Wonderland / Themed Events

A walkabout, humorous version of 'Alice' involving interactive theatre that passers-by can get involved in..

Alice and the White Rabbit

Stilt Walkers / Alice in Wonderland / Easter / Childrens

Must have drunk the bottle marked 'grow taller' as these 2 are actually quite high..

Alice, Bunnies & Friends

Alice in Wonderland / Themed Events

A wonderful group of performers who can bring the Alice in Wonderland story to life in their own special way..

Balloon Modellers

Our balloon modellers are experienced professionals, so you don't just get dogs or swords, but a wonderful array of balloon animals and more..

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Beautiful Bouncing Bunnies

Bunnies on stilts / Easter / Alice in Wonderland

Beautiful Bouncing Bunnies on bouncy stilts. They can hop around your event and are able to bounce six foot in the air to amaze and amuse your guests.

Bouncing White Rabbits

Stiltwalkers, Bouncy Stilts / Alice In Wonderland / Easter Theme

Bouncing White Rabbits on stilts or ground based, perfect for Alice in Wonderland events.

Candy Canapés

Christmas / Meet and Greet / Food and Sweetie Themes

These fabulous Candy Canapés will tempt and tease your guests with her deliciously sweet candy treats.

Candy Cane Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers / Christmas / Nutcracker / Sweets / Charlie & Choc Factory Theme

Perfect for any Christmas (or sweetie!) event, the fabulous Candy Canes Stilt Walkers stand at over 9 feet tall and with their vivid and unique costumes...

Candy Girls

Christmas / Walkabout

Complete with their perfectly created perspex serving trays, the gorgeous girls can serve selections of sweet canapés (which can be provided if required).

Cheeky Flower

Stiltwalker, Garden Parties / Flower Shows / Young Children Themes

On the run from Alan Titchmarsh's garden, Cheeky Flower fits well into garden parties, flower shows and food events. Place him in the perfect sunny spot...


Walkabout, Sci Fi / Fairytale / Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / Fantasy Theme

For the first time outside the world of films, 4-legged, animatronic, film-quality mythical beasts!

Disco Bunny

Meet and Greet / Easter / Alice In Wonderland / Gardening / UK

Fabulous animated disco Bunny adapts well for meet and greet and themed events he loves to burst out some disco moves on the dance floor with guests as well

Fabulous Flamingos

Alice In Wonderland / Birds / Carnival Theme

Lovingly reared at the Kensington Roof Gardens, these fabulous stilt walking flamingos are perfect for Alice in Wonderland events and much more...

Fairy Living Tables

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

These fabulous Fairy Living Tables really create a buzz and look amazing as your guests walk in to your event..

Jiving Bunny

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Eccentric Dancing Bunny jives,boogies and struts his stuff to the Alice in Wonderland music coming from his secret sound system - leaving a trail of smiles and...

Living Hedge Men

Entertaining Walkabout / Meet & Greet / Garden Parties / Alice in Wonderland / Human Trees / UK

​Have a tree hug with some amazing real life Hedge Men! Introducing one of the planet’s most quirky, outrageous and downright silly walkabout entertainment acts...

Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland / Themed Events

A stunning and exact replication of the fabulous character created by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Perfect for lovely tea parties..

Mad Hatter and friend

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Emphasis on the 'Mad' we think. Lots of fun with bunny and owner for Easter or other jolly events

Mr Twitch

Stilt Walkers / Alice in Wonderland / Easter / Childrens

A rather handsome bunny on stilts with a lovely check waistcoat with pocket watch!

Pink Flamingos

Stiltwalkers, Alice in Wonderland / Exotic / Birds / Pink Theme

Gorgeous costumes for mix and mingle, for 'pink' parties. The Queen of Hearts used them for playing croquet!

Power Peacock

Meet and Greet / Birds / Impact / LED

Fabulously opulent peacock is completely unique - you won't see another like it anywhere in the world - a nine foot tall light up LED peacock!

The Madness of Alice

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This is an Alice in Wonderland Circus Show performed by some of the UK's top performers..

The Peacocks

Stiltwalkers, Birds / Exotic / Garden Parties / Flower Shows / Jewellery Theme

The Peacocks are an absolutely exquisite act. Elegant both inside and out, the peacocks parade and will enchant your guests with their curious antics

The Trial of the Mad Hatter

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Featuring The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp style) who is in a bit of trouble - can we stop the Red Queen saying 'Off with his head!....