Black And White

Sharp, striking, sophisticated but most of all spectacular..

Arcadians on Stilts

Christmas / Stiltwalkers / Dance / Lights / Peter Pan / Midsummers Night's Theme

Six (or less) radiant characters dressed in the simplest white chiffon, silk and plaited gold, and glowing with shimmering light..

Black & White (Ying & Yang) Living Tables

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

Restore the balance and amaze the crowd! These artistic centre pieces will bring a dramatic element to your event

Black & White Showgirls

Stiltwalkers, Black & White Ball / Vegas / Hollywood / Sexy Theme

Spectacular and sexy costumes that will deliver elegance, style and sophistication. Straight from Ceasars Palace, they flirt and flatter whilst fluttering...

Black & White Swans - The London Stilt Ballet

Stiltwalkers, Ballet / Dance / Walkabout / LED Lights / Music Theme / UK

Discover the grace, elegance and vertical elevation of the incredible London Stilt Ballet. Alternatively witness the ballerinas inflict classical master classes...

Black Copper Gent Living Statue

Street Entertainment / Living Statue / Garden Parties / B&W Theme

This Black Copper Gent Living Statue is perfect for garden parties, Black and White themed events or just for that added wow factor!

Black and White Elegant Birds

Stilt Walkers / Birds / Hollywood / Walkabout / Meet & Greet

Exquisite, jewel encrusted costumes make these stilt bird characters a stunning addition to any event.

Black and White Tall Gents

Stiltwalkers, Gentlemen / Showbiz / Hollywood / Retro Theme

The perfect gentlemen, these charming and eccentric gents from a bygone age will add class and sophistication to your event.

Calvos Dos

Contact Juggling / Walkabout / Meet & Greet

International specialists in the art of contact juggling, Calvos Dos manipulate crystal balls that glide, float, dance and levitate surreally around their hands...

Classic Black Dress Living Table

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

Add some sophistication to your event as your guests are greeted by chic lady perfectly attired for the very best events..


Christmas Winter Theme / Acrobatic / Meet and Greet

Set on an ornate revolving plinth, this winged character slowly comes to life and performs incredible handstand balances in this spell-binding illusion..

Dance of the White Fairies

Christmas / Winter Theme / LED

Performed with crystal-tipped white satin ribbon. For winter themed events this magical piece can be set in a blizzard of fake snow..

Electric / Silver Hoop

Christmas Theme / Winter / LED

Electrifying hoop performance with glittering light suit. Fitted with over 30 LEDS and encrusted with crystals..

Electric / Silver Ribbon

Christmas Theme / Winter / LED

Elegant and striking grand ribbon performance in electric / silver. Two dancers available for exquisite dance-about or staged performance..

Eleganza Living Tables

Food Events / Living Tables / Meet and Greet

Posing always a powerful entrance makes this duo a stunning meet & greet performance and in low light / night environments Eleganza light up and shimmer

Fairy Living Tables

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

These fabulous Fairy Living Tables really create a buzz and look amazing as your guests walk in to your event..

Innocence and Corruption

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Angels & Devils / Heaven & Hell / Black & White Theme

Will good overcome evil? Sexy temptresses from another world. One will tempt you with sin while the other will guide you along the righteous path.


Stiltwalkers, Circus / Black and White Theme

Black and white, sharp, sculptural, athletic..

Jumpin' Jack Frosts

Christmas / Stilt Walkers / Musicians

Beat off those Winter blues with a fab rock 'n roll, disco and rock band on stilts..

Mirra Bella

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Mirra Bella is a walking, dancing human mirror ball, she is covered in thousands of mirrored tiles and quite literally glows.

Polka Dot Girls

Stiltwalkers, Strictly / Vintage / Retro / 1950's / Rock n Roll / Theme

Vintage style a go-go. These fun-loving gals will rock you around the clock. On stilts, or on the floor they will jive the night away.

Showgirls in White / Silver

Showgirls / Dancers / James Bond Theme / Hollywood & Vegas Theme / Meet & Greet

Fabulous showgirls in White and Silver costumes, perfect for meet and greet.

Silver / Electric Contortion

Contortion / Christmas & Winter / Fire & Ice / Black & White

Stunning contortion act. This sleek, elegant and totally unforgettable routine can be seen as a walkabout or staged performance.

Silver Flag

Christmas / Festivals / Sports Events / Themed

Shimmering metallic flag performance in silver. Can be performed with LED and crystal head-dresses.

Silver Trapeze Duo

Christmas / Winter Theme / Corporate / Cirque

This fabulous routine is dynamic and elegant, featuring sparkly Cirque-style costumes and has a wintery feel to it lending it to any Christmas & Winter theme.