Burlesque Entertainment

Extravagent, theatrical, comedic, nostalgic, glamorous, extraordinary, beautiful, risqué - amazing Burlesque entertainment..

Burlesque Living Table

Living Tables / Human Tables / LED Living Tables / Burlesque Theme

This Burlesque table can either be static or gliding, often used as a meet and greet champagne reception for drinks on arrival..

Burlesque Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers, Burlesque / Sexy / Gentlemen's / Vegas Theme

These beautiful Burlesque stilt walkers will serve drinks, meet and greet, mix and mingle, pose for photographs and are an asset to any night.

Candy Canapés

Christmas / Meet and Greet / Food and Sweetie Themes

These fabulous Candy Canapés will tempt and tease your guests with her deliciously sweet candy treats.

Dita Von Teese

Celebrity Artist / Burlesque / US

The Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese takes audiences on a journey into fantasy and spectacle..

Dusty Limits

Cabaret / Comedy / Burlesque / UK

The most stunning and exciting compere and MC in the UK. Master of comic cabaret, Dusty delivers deliciously wicked satire and is a compere magnifique.

Gwendoline Lamour

Cabaret / TV / Burlesque / UK

With her lithe, pin-up girl figure, ivory skin, and irresistible charm and grace Gwendoline is the personification of 1930s and 40s glamour.

Miss Banbury Cross

Burlesque / Cabaret / UK

International Burlesque Show stopper, true vintage beauty, Miss Banbury Cross oozes the sex appeal and glamour of Hollywood's Golden age with all the sass

Miss Betsy Rose

Burlesque / Cabaret / UK

One of London's most prestigious headline performers and a key figure on the International Burlesque scene.

Ruby Deshabille

Burlesque / Cabaret / Vegas Theme / UK

A Burlesque performance by Ruby Deshabille will ensure that your party is remembered as the glitziest bash in town!

Snake Dancers

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Exotic male and female Snake Dancers available for events such as Arabian Nights, French themed and more..

Strongman Hula Boy

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What entertainment! Not only the Circus Strongman but with a unique act as he skilfully manipulates dozens of hula hoops - amazing!