Circus Workshops

Learn all there is to know about Circus Skills, how to spin a plate, juggle, Diablo, even walk on a tightrope!

Balloon Modellers

Our balloon modellers are experienced professionals, so you don't just get dogs or swords, but a wonderful array of balloon animals and more..

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Circo Rum Ba Bas Circus Skills Workshop

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Come and run away to the Circus - learn to Plate Spin, Juggle & more..

Circus Clown Troupe

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One of the most famous clown troupes in Europe, based in the UK, who offer a fantastic blend of slapstick, tumbling and circus skills...

Circus Cyclists

Stiltwalker / Juggling / Fire Eating / Uni-cycling / Circus Theme

A very skilled juggler/unicyclist performing all juggling skills, including knives, fire, on a variety of unicycles from small to 6ft high

Circus Policemen

Stiltwalkers, Juggling / Circus / Jubilee / England / British Theme

Hello, Hello, Hello. What have we here then? One, two or three Victorian Policemen on Stilts ensuring everyone is feeling safe and happy.

Creative Workshops for children

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An exciting range of workshops and creative activities for children and families..

Jim Millar

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Great for Circus Skills, meet and greet, unicycling, juggling and more. Hilarious, talented and entertaining..


Stiltwalker, Juggling / Fire Eating / Balloon Modelling / Unicycling / Circus Theme

Fire eater, stilt walker, circus workshop, unicyclist and juggler!

Mr Doo the Clown

Stilt Walker / Character Options / Juggling / Balloons / Circus / Victorian Theme

Head clown Mr Doo can entertain with bikes, stilts, juggling and circus workshops.

Paul Hancox

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Wonderful children's entertainer and great at Circus Workshops!

Steve Kaos

Stiltwalker, Juggler / Unicycle / Circus / Kid's Parties Theme

Superb all round performer specialising as a juggler, diabolist and stiltwalker. Also brilliant at teaching circus skills - all with witty banter. Our Favourite...