1920's / The Great Gatsby / Prohibition / Roaring Twenties

From New Orleans to Gershwin and The Great Gatsby - relive the era of the flapper!

We are delighted to be able to provide some fabulous Great Gatsby Entertainment and Great Gatsby ideas for your forthcoming events.

Gatsby entertainment and 1920's parties have been popular before but are now absolutely back in vogue!

Recreate the Roaring Twenties with fabulous costumes, amazing entertainers, great music, flappers and sometimes something just a little oh la la!

'20's Fire Duo' - Duo Fire Act

1920's / Fire / Themed / Acrobatics / Gatsby

A chic and daring 1920's fire show with acrobatics, audacious fire stunts, gangster pizazz and a blast of mojo!

1920's / Gatsby Stilts

Stilt Walkers / 1920's / Gatsby / Prohibition Theme

Gorgeous and sophisticated Gatsby Stilt Walkers straight out of the 1920's, perfect for those great Gatsby parties.

Acro Chaps

Acrobatic / Themed / Victorian / Walkabout / 1920's

Absolutely spiffing (and moustached!) acrobats who offer a wide selection of very interactive and entertaining walkabout acrobatic acts.

Aerial Champagne

Christmas / Aerial Artist / Aerial Champagne / Aerial Bartenders / Corporate

Up to three beautiful aerialists hanging from the ceiling, pouring champagne - now that is bartending with a difference!

Bathing Belles

Stilt Walkers / Seaside / Nautical / 1920's / 1940's / Retro Theme

Our Bathing Belles, Betty and Flo, are off to the seaside for a brisk swim! They don't mind the weather, the beach is always a jolly place for a spot of fun.

Belle Noir

Harmony Trio / 1920's / 1930's / 1940's 1950's / Swing / Jazz / Blues / Themed / Vintage / Wedding

Belle Noir are a vocal harmony trio channelling the golden age of Hollywood with their sultry singing style and dapper dressing.

Benoit Viellefon and his Orchestra

Vintage dance ensemble / 1920's / Gatsby

Benoit Viellefon and his Orchestra are the leading vintage dance ensemble to have emerged from the UK in recent years, taking the British scene by storm.

Cafe Society

Jazz / Dixieland / 1920's / Cabaret / Gatsby

Jazz, Dixieland, 1920's & Cabaret. Cheerful rhythms & excellent credentials!

Charlie Chaplin Human Statue

Street Entertainment, Living Statue / 1920s / Film / Hollywood Theme

A stunning amount of detail has gone into making this the most realistic statue of Charlie Chaplin - you never know he isn't a real statue until he moves

Cops and the Hoods

Street Entertainment, Living Statue / 1920's / Film / Hollywood Theme

The good guys and the bad guys - but which is which? Hire this lovely bunch for your Prohibition night and they will really liven up the Speakeasy..

Fats & Toots

Stiltwalkers, Gangsters / Bugsy Malone / Godfather / 1930S / Chicago Theme

A gangster and moll, straight out of 1930's Chicago, dripping with dough and diamonds, will greet everyone by name or reputation. Beware of the violin case

Flash Mob Jazz

1920's / 1930's / Jazz / Prohibition Theme / UK

Flash Mob Jazz are the all singing, all swinging heart of the party, getting everyone on the dance floor to Lindy hop and Jive to boogie the night away.

Gangster and Moll

Meet and Greet / Walkabout / 1920's / Prohibition Theme

These shady, but fun, gangster characters are available on stilts or walkabout or even on roller skates

Gatsby Aerial Trapeze Duo

Circus / 1920's / Gatsby Theme

Set to a 1920's theme with 1920's inspired costumes this is perfect for Gatsby / Chicago 1920's events where there is a rigging point available for the trapeze

Gatsby Girl

Circus / 1920's / Gatsby Theme

Superb aerial artist with her own freestanding aerial rig - perfect for any 1920's event!

George Formby tribute

George Formby Tribute / 1940's / 1950's / Music Hall

An excellent and affectionate tribute to the great George Formby. Not just on seaside piers but also has been performed all over England and Europe

Giant LED Star and performer

Christmas Theme / Corporate / LED / Halloween

Standing at over 10 ft tall our free-standing rig shaped as an LED star is truly out of this world. You don’t have to go to the moon to play amongst the stars.

Hollywood Starlets

Vocal Harmony Group / Female Vocal Group / 1920s / Gatsby

Sultry three piece band, The Hollywood Starlets, encapsulates the glitz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties as they serenade you with the most recognised songs....


Jazz/ Swing / Rat Pack / Latin / Jive / UK

The JazzCats are a band with a difference - everything from Jazz to Rat Pack, Rock & Roll, Pop, Soul, Latin & Jive to make the party swing!

Melody Room Jazz Band

New Orleans Jazz / Dixieland Jazz / 1920's Jazz / UK

A wonderful and versatile group of jazz musicians who play not only as a wandering Dixie Style Band but also swing and even marching..

Mr Big and His Henchmen

1920's / Meet and Greet / Walkabout

Mr. Big runs the joint, and don't you forget it. If, by any chance, you do forget it, his trusty henchmen are always eager to give your memory a little jog...

Oxford Classic Jazz

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Oxford Classic Jazz are musicians highly skilled in the joyful style of pre-war jazz, offering anything from solo acoustic piano, duos and trios and larger comb...

Pemberton & Hague

Vaudeville / Gatsby Theme / 1920's / UK

A Vaudevillian circus double act for the modern era combining music, juggling, tap dance and comedy....

Richard and Emily-Kate

1940's Swing, 40's/50's Lindy Hop, Ballroom, 1920's Charleston, American Smooth, Tango, Soft Shoe, Tap, Jive, disco and musical theatre.

Professional dance act